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Request a Reimbursement - For Ticket Holders Assigned to Your Ticket Dollars

Career Support Payment (CSP) Request Process:

1.  As you meet the criteria for each CSP on your Funding Schedule, send the following to our office:

  • A Completed Career Support Payment Form
  • All evidence of earnings proving earnings criteria has been met
  • Copies of Receipts for goods and services purchased. Do not send originals

***Evidence of Earnings must include the following information:***

Gross Pay, Period End Date, Paid Date, Name or Social Security Number, Social Security Tax , Employer

If any of this information is missing please call your employer and request an Employer-Prepared Earnings Statement.

Print Career Support Payment Request Form 2019

Mail or fax your request to:

Reimbursement Department

720 Hopmeadow St, Suite 6
Simsbury, CT 06070

Fax: (860) 651-8710

2.  When your request has been received by our office and sent to MAXIMUS for processing you will receive an e-mail confirmation if an e-mail is on file. Please allow us 3-4 business days from the time we receive your request to prepare all necessary forms required by MAXIMUS and send your email confirmation.

3.  Once we receive confirmation that SSA has approved our request, you will receive another e-mail notifying you that we will be mailing a CSP within 3 business days along with another request form. Direct Deposit is not available at this time.

The average approval time is 30 days from the day we submit our request to MAXUMUS.

Status inquiries can only be made if your request has been outstanding more than 30 days.

All Career Support Payments made by Your Ticket Dollars are based on Social Security Employment Network Payment Guidelines.

Calculating Gross Monthly Earnings
Gross Monthly Earnings for SSI Ticket-holder are based on the month in which they were paid.
Gross Monthly Earnings for SSDI Ticket-holders are calculated based on the month in which they were earned.

If a pay period overlaps 2 months Gross Earnings need to be prorated.
Example: Sample Earnings for January 2019, Paid Bi-weekly.
Gross for Entire Pay Period / Days in the Pay Period * Number of days for month in the Pay Day
A / B * C

Period Start

Period End

A.  Gross Earnings

C.  Days in March for each pay period


Earnings for March





$500.00 / 14 X 8






$450.00 / 14 X 14






$670.00 / 14 X 9


                             March Gross Earnings


B = 14 days in a period

All Career Support Payments made by Your Ticket Dollars are based on Social Security Employment Network Payment Guidelines.  Not all Ticket-holders qualify for all payments.

Click here to see our 2018 schedule of payments.