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Goals of the Ticket Program

Employment, Benefits Reduction and Self Sufficiency

1. Your participation in the Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency program is voluntary. It is important that you understand the program goals before deciding whether it is right for you.

2. The purpose of the Ticket Program is to offer you the support you need to increase your ability to work, your earnings and the chance that you will become and stay self-supporting to the extent possible.

3. By agreeing to assign you Ticket and participate in the program, you are agreeing to make a steady effort to achieve these aims.

4. Our role, as your Employment Network (EN) is to do all we can to help you reduce and ultimately eliminate your dependency on disability benefits and to earn a better living than you do now. You will not be penalized if you cannot become fully self-supporting. However, if you decide to use you Ticket you should make a committment to try your best to achieve these goals.

5. You should consult with a WIPA near you to obtain information and assistance in making important decisions about how work may affect your benefits and how to protect you benefits while you test your ability to become self-supporting. The WIPA can explain how yo ucan continue your Medicare or Medicaid coverage even when you earn your way off disability benefits. To locate the WIPA serving your area, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/work and click on 'Service Provider Directory'.

6. You can start out working part time during the first 9 months, but should have a goal to become self-supporting in time, if possible. You should work towards having earnings of $880.00 a month or more a month by at least the 10th month after you start working with us. You should also have a goal to earn at least $1,220 (non-blind)/$2040 (blind) or more a month after your first year of work, again if your disability allows it.

7. The Ticket Program is not right for every disability beneficiary. But, if you are committed to trying to become employed and self-supporting someday, we are here to provide you with the services and supports to help you do that.