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Receive Help with Work-Related Expenses While You Work

Who We Serve

Ticket-holders who are able to obtain employment on their own.

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What We Do 

Your Ticket Dollars is a National Employment Network under contract with the Social Security Administration that provides Ticket Holders with reimbursements for their work-related expenses.

While working, Ticket Holders are allowed to purchase the goods and services they need to stay employed or advance in their career and submit those expenses for reimbursement when they reach certain milestones.

A few examples of work-related expenses that can be submitted for reimbursement:

  • Fuel cost
  • Work Attire
  • Fees for Certifications/Licenses
  • Computer or other technology purchase or upgrade
  • Work-related tools and supplies
  • Medical expenses
  • Job placement activities
  • Child care fees paid to a licensed daycare
  • Medical devices and adaptive equipment
  • We even have ticket holders who are working and using our services to help offset the cost of schooling or training

With an assigned Ticket, you may be able to begin requesting reimbursements as soon as your 1st full month of Ticket Assignment if work earnings are over $970.00 for the month. At this time we do not provide services for self employment or contract work.   Typical reimbursement schedule

To see if you qualify for reimbursements, complete our Inquiry Form below or give us a call at 866-927-8231.

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If you need help with finding a job and other placement services, visit us at www.tickettoworkservices.com