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Career Testing Benefits Information
Benefits of Assigning your Ticket

By actively participating in the Ticket to Work program:

  • Future Disability Reviews are placed on hold
  • You can continue to receive healthcare benefits
  • Easily return to benefits if you have to stop working due to your disability
  • Assist with updating your resume if career change

Making good career decisions can be aided by knowing more about who you are, including your preferences, strengths and career choices that will help you in the long run. At Your Ticket Dollars we can offer career testing to help you develop your long-term career goals.

Once your Ticket is assigned to us, if you choose to take advantage of our testing, we will provide you with your password to access our test sites. Your results will be reviewed by our Ph.D. level Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and the comprehensive report, including recommendations, will either be mailed or emailed to you.

If at some point down the road you find yourself out of work or at a crossroad, we can assist with updating your resume` and interviewing skills coaching.

  Ticket-Holder Support Line Referral Information
  Toll free: (866) 927-8231

Be assured you will have telephone access to staff at Your Ticket Dollars to answer any questions you may have throughout your Ticket assignment.